Cheapest Blinds UK Blackout Skylight Roof Blinds

cheap blackout skylight roof blinds
Cheapest Blind UK Roof Blinds Fit ALL:
VELUX, FAKRO, RoofLITE, keylite, dakstra, OKPOL, Roto, and LUCTIS Windows.

These stunning roof blinds come in a range of classic contemporary colours, specially selected by us, along with quality blackout fabrics and solid metal fixings. They can be fitted in literally minutes and provide that perfect finish to your roof skylight windows.

All our blinds are produced & manufactured in the UK and are certified child safe.

Find your window size code:

VELUX Window Size Codes

Fakro & RoofLITE Window Size Codes

Keylite Window Size Codes

Dakstra Window Size Codes

Roto Window Size Codes

LUCTIS Window Size Codes


Roof Skylight Blinds for VELUX windows From Only £18.50


Roof Skylight Blinds for FAKRO windows From Only £30


Roof Skylight Blinds for RoofLITE From Only £30


Roof Skylight Blinds for Keylite windows From Only £30

Roof Skylight Blinds for Dakstra From Only £30

Roof Skylight Blinds for Roto Windows From Only £30

LUCTIS Roof Skylight Blinds From Only £30

Motorised Electric Solar Powered Roof Skylight Blinds