White Roof Skylight Blind For Keylite Windows


White Roof Skylight Blind

For Keylite Windows

  • White Blackout Fabric with Solid Metal Fixings
  • Will Fit ALL Keylite Windows
  • Designed for Long Term Heavy Usage
  • Easy to Fit (See fitting video below)
  • All Fixtures & Fittings Included
  • Delivery up to 7 Days (usually within 3)
  • 3 Year Guarantee
  • BBSA Certified Child Safe


  • See measuring guide below to find your Keylite size code.
  • Price: £ 0.00
  • £ 0.00

Product Description

keylite blinds


white blackout roof blind

white roof sky light blind for keylite windows

Cheapest Blinds UK Roof Sky Light Blinds for Keylite Windows come in a range of classic contemporary colours which are complemented with sleek silver side fixings providing your roof sky light window with a modern, stylish and functional window covering.

Our roof sky light blinds come for keylite windows with top quality blackout fabrics, fixings and brackets and they have been designed with long term heavy use in mind and are guaranteed for 3 years as standard. These blinds are not branded keylite blinds, they are our own brand blinds made to fit keylite windows.

All roof Skylight blinds from Cheapest Blinds UK are manufactured in the UK to the exact window manufacturer specifications so they are guaranteed to fit your window perfectly. You can also rest assured that all blinds from Cheapest Blinds UK are child safe by design and are fully compliant with the latest UK regulations.



On keylite windows, if you open the window and look along the edges you should find an identifcation plate/sticker which shows which size code your window is.

If you cannot locate your window size code on the manufacturer identification plate, please measure the visible glass size of your window and use the table below to locate the size code of you window

Window CodeWindow Size (mm)Visible Glass Size (mm)
01550 x 780371 x 531
P01550 x 780370 x 567
T01550 x 780370 x 558
01C550 x 1180371 x 931
P01C550 x 1180370 x 967
T01C550 x 1180370 x 958
01F550 x 1400371 x 1151
P01F550 x 1400370 x 1187
T01F550 x 1400370 x 1178
01G550 x 1600371 x 1351
T01G550 x 1600370 x 1378
02550 x 980371 x 731
P02550 x 980370 x 767
T02550 x 980370 x 758
03660 x 1180481 x 931
P03660 x 1180480 x 967
T03660 x 1180480 x 958
03A660 x 780481 x 531
P03A660 x 780480 x 567
T03A660 x 780480 x 558
03B660 x 980481 x 731
P03B660 x 980480 x 767
T03B660 x 980480 x 758
03F660 x 1400481 x 1151
P03F660 x 1400480 x 1187
T03F660 x 1400480 x 1178
03G660 x 1600481 x 1351
T03G660 x 1600480 x 1378
04780 x 980601 x 731
P04780 x 980600 x 767
T04780 x 980600 x 758
04A780 x 780601 x 531
P04A780 x 780600 x 567
T04A780 x 780600 x 558
04G780 x 1600601 x 1351
T04G780 x 1600600 x 1378
05780 x 1180601 x 931
P05780 x 1180600 x 967
T05780 x 1180600 x 958
06780 x 1400601 x 1151
P06780 x 1400600 x 1187
T06780 x 1400600 x 1178
07940 x 1600761 x 1351
T07940 x 1600760 x 1378
07A940 x 780761 x 531
P07A940 x 780760 x 567
T07A940 x 780760 x 558
07B940 x 980761 x 731
P07B940 x 980760 x 767
T07B940 x 980760 x 758
07C940 x 1180761 x 931
P07C940 x 1180760 x 967
T07C940 x 1180760 x 958
07F940 x 1400761 x 1151
P07F940 x 1400760 x 1187
T07F940 x 1400760 x 1178
081140 x 1180961 x 931
P081140 x 1180960 x 967
T081140 x 1180960 x 958
08A1140 x 780961 x 531
P08A1140 x 780960 x 567
T08A1140 x 780960 x 558
08B1140 x 980961 x 731
P08B1140 x 980960 x 767
T08B1140 x 980960 x 758
08F1140 x 1400961 x 1151
P08F1140 x 1400960 x 1187
T08F1140 x 1400960 x 1178
08G1140 x 1600961 x 1351
T08G1140 x 1600960 x 1378
091340 x 9801161 x 751
P091340 x 9801160 x 767
T091340 x 9801160 x 758
09A1340 x 7801161 x 531
P09A1340 x 7801160 x 567
T09A1340 x 7801160 x 558
09C1340 x 11801161 x 931
P09C1340 x 11801160 x 967
T09C1340 x 11801160 x 958
09G1340 x 16001161 x 1351
T09G1340 x 16001160 x 1378
101340 x 14001161 x 1151
P101340 x 14001160 x 1187
T101340 x 14001160 x 1178


Click the link below to view the Roof Blind Fitting Instructions:
Roof Blind Fitting Instructions

Child Safety Information

You may be aware that there have actually been a number of extremely unfortunate cases of children or animals perishing mistakenly because they’ve been suffocated by the inner or outer cords of a blind. You may be unaware of the legislation that was passed in February 2014 to attempt and avoid these unnecessary deaths.

It’s the Law

It’s now prohibited to install a home window blind which doesn’t adhere to the brand-new child safety requirements. Blinds must be fully compliant with BS EN 13120:2009+A1:2014 and validated as ‘safe’, and this is typical of blinds in all rooms in every house, regardless of whether youngsters are present or otherwise.

Why is this essential?

Toddlers matured 16-36 months are specifically in danger of strangulation. They’re mobile, but their muscle control and windpipes aren’t fully established. Because their heads still weigh proportionately greater than their bodies, they cannot release themselves effortlessly if they come to be tangled, and they asphyxiate more quickly compared to adults if their necks are restricted.

The brand-new regulations intends to shield babies and kids by making certain that child-safe blinds are set up in all houses now and in the future, no matter the existence or absence of kids.

Exactly what do Cheapest Blinds UK have to do?

We need to fit safety devices on cables and chains when they’re made, and test all the safety-critical elements carefully. There are now limits on cable and chain lengths. We need to provide security equipment for you to fit for protecting against dangerous loops being made on cables and chains, and make certain all product guidelines come with security cautions.

Exactly what do I need to do?

When you purchase a blind, follow the instructions very carefully and make sure you match the safety and security tool supplied if it’s required (for a corded blind). Several blinds we sell are now cordless, so you won’t have to fit a safety device, but if you ‘d like to convert an existing blind, spring conversion kits are available to buy for most of our ready-made roller blinds.

Alternatively, you can fit a P-clip to an alreadying existing blind to hold the cord taut and tidy, and away from little hands. We’re now giving these away free of charge for all our existing customers, please get in touch if you need some.

Where can I find out more?

Please visit the British Blinds & Shutters Association or visit the Make It Safe website.

make it safe organisation logo         British Blinds & Shutters Association Logo

Delivery Information


UK Mainland

*Postage is charged at £5 per consignment.
**Consignment is Free where number of blinds ordered is greater than 3.
***Special delivery is available. Prices are available on request.
Deliveries outside of the UK/ ROI and Channel Islands will be charged carriage on a per order basis depending on weight and location.


Delivery takes approx 5-7 working days depending on our current work load, stock and courier availability. Delivery is Monday to Friday to the address you specify at checkout

UK Mainland, Isle of Man & Channel Islands

If there is no answer from the receiver on the first attempted delivery a card will be left and the receiver should contact the courier to arrange a suitable delivery time. Delivery will be attempted three times with a card left each time, after this, goods will be returned to sender. Delivery conditions apply.

Northern Ireland

If there is no answer from the receiver on the first attempted delivery a card will be left. Carrier will attempt to deliver the following day.
If there is no answer on the second day the goods will be returned to the nearest carrier depot, and the sender will be contacted to arrange a delivery time to return to receiver for delivery.

Delivery Conditions

• It is the responsibility of the customer to inspect all goods at the time of delivery. Inspection should cover product quality.
• If there is no answer at the delivery address the courier may attempt to deliver to a neighbouring address.
• Cheapest Blinds UK must be notified within seven days from receipt of goods of any shortage or damage or non conformance to order
• Any evidence of damage at point of delivery must be signed for as damaged on point of delivery.
• Refusal of delivery for any reason must be notified to Decora
• If unable to deliver due to a customer failing, the customer will be liable for carriage cost if re-dispatch is required. 

Order Conditions

Cheapest Blinds UK will only be process orders when the goods have been paid for in full through Paypal, credit or debit card. Orders are then manufactured and delivered by our couriers. Incorrectly measured blinds cannot be returned or resold. It is up to you to double check your sizes before placing an order. Additionally, once an order has been placed sizes cannot be changed.

Returns Procedure

  • The return of goods for credit will not be accepted without prior notification to Cheapest Blinds UK. Unidentified returned goods will not be credited.
  • Goods to be returned must be suitably packed to prevent loss or damage in transit, and accompanied by a packing note.
  • All goods returned must be notified to Cheapest Blinds UK and returned with original invoice. Cheapest Blinds UK cannot accept liability in delay or failure to action if relevant information is not provided.
  • Wholesale goods can be returned within 6 months of purchase. These goods must be returned with original invoice and in original state. Unauthorised use of any of Cheapest Blinds UK carriage accounts shall be investigated and appropriate action will be taken. £15 administration charge incurred per consignment for any returned goods.

Invoice Queries

  • All invoice/financial queries must be presented to Cheapest Blinds UK within 21 days of the date of invoice. Cheapest Blinds UK will not be liable for any claims after this period and will not grant deferment of payments.
  • All remade orders will be charged and the original order credited if relevant after investigation. No remade orders will be processed on a Free of Charge basis.
  • Any monies to be credited by Cheapest Blinds UK must be requested in writing by the customer providing comprehensive details as to the reason for the request and the basis of the value requested.

Warranty Information

All manufactured Cheapest Blinds UK products are covered by a 3 year guarantee from the date of delivery based on the following points:

1. The product has not been altered/adjusted or customised post production
2. The product has not been affected through installation by any third party
3. The product order does not sit outside Cheapest Blinds UK recommended specifications

Subject to the above, the warranty covers the following aspects:

1. The product arrives in line with the customer’s specific order
2. The product operates in accordance with defined functionality before and after installation
3. The components operate in line with technical specifications
4. All aspects of the product meet the relevant quality standards
5. The product properties do not change outside of normal reasonable limits post installation
It is at Cheapest Blinds UK discretion to either repair or replace any defective material or components. Any remake or repair will be subject to stock conditions and alternatives may be used if and where necessary. All blinds to be repaired must be returned to Cheapest Blinds UK do not fix blinds and/or machinery outside Cheapest Blinds UK premises.

This warranty does not affect the consumers’ statutory rights under UK law.

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