Perfect Fit ‘Bottom Up’ Cellular Blinds in Lexington Cream

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Perfect Fit ‘Bottom Up’ Cellular Blinds in Lexington Cream

These beautiful Perfect Fit Lexington Cellular blinds are perfect for the contemporary home. Stylish and practical they look stunning when opened or closed, and will add a very modern aesthetic to your windows. Available in a wide choice of gorgeous, fashionable colours.

The Perfect Fit Softball Cellular Collection is available in Tensioned Bottom Up and Tensioned Top Down, Bottom Up binds. 

Easy to fit within minutes.

These innovative blinds fit directly onto the window/ door frame meaning that they do not dangle in front of the window/ door, and when fitted, look like they are part of the window.

Perfect for every window, including conservatories and patio doors.


Available in 14 on trend colours – check out our new colours!

Available in Light Filtering or Light Blockout finish with White or Colour Co-ordinated frames.


Delivery 7-10 days.


Perfect Fit ‘Bottom Up’ Cellular Blinds in

Lexington Cream

Our Softcell Cellular Blinds range encapsulates contemporary elegance and practicality. Presenting a sophisticated collection of 25mm cellular fabrics: each delicately woven fabric creates a harmonious geometrical form of folded fabric layers, providing optimum light control, enhanced privacy and boasting energy efficiency properties.

Available in a range of stylish fabrics offering dim-out options which will softly diffuse the light through the textured cell or turn day to night using the blockout fabrics to control the light.

Merging functionality and form, Perfect Fit Cellular ‘Bottom Up’ and ‘Top Down, Bottom Up’ blinds optimise versatility with a range of operating systems to enhance light flow and privacy:

The ‘Bottom Up’ blind makes light control and privacy easy; the fabric is fixed to the headrail allowing you to raise and lower to the ideal position for you. 

The ‘Top Down, Bottom Up’ operating system is extremely versatile and allows the fabric to be placed at any point in the window, light can flow through both the top and bottom of the window whilst maintaining privacy. 

The unique design of Perfect Fit™ provides enhanced energy efficiency properties, as the cellular fabric sits within the frame preventing cool air entering and warm air escaping from the room. Available as tensioned top down bottom up and bottom up control only.


Colours: Anthracite, Cream, Dove Grey, Grey, Lagoon, Neptune, Onyx, Orchid, Saffron, Sky, Spring, Taupe, Terra, White

Finish: 100% Polyester, Light Filtering, Blockout

Brackets are available in Bead Depths: 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 26mm, 28mm, 30mm, 32mm

Frame: White or Colour Co-ordinated (Upgrade to Golden Oak, Mahogany available for 25% price uplift)

Check Out Our New Colours!

Lagoon – Duck Egg, Sky – Pale Blue (perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms), Orchid – Dusky Pink, Terra – Burnt Orange (co-ordinates with Scandi wood interiors), Saffron (adds a burst of colour and interest to the collection), Spring – Fresh Green, Neptune – Dusky Blue.



Child Safety

Safety is of paramount importance in the home, ensuring the potential hazards posed by unrestrained cords and chains are understood and eliminated.

With this Cellular blinds collection you can be confident that your product choice meets legislation EN13120. Every blind is carefully considered ensuring that child safety is an essential feature. Through choosing a tensioned operating system or motorisation free hanging cords are eliminated making these blinds safe by design and allowing for extra peace of mind.

Blind Measuring Guide

Measuring Instructions for UPVC Perfect Fit Blinds

  1. Measure the glass width in 3 places (top, middle and bottom) and write down the smallest measurement:Perfect-fit-upvc-blinds-measure-glass-width-2
  2. Measure the glass height in 3 places (left, middle and right) and write down the smallest measurement:Perfect-fit-upvc-blinds-measure-glass-height
  3. Place a card across the corner of the window, measure the bead depth and write down the measurement:Perfect-fit-upvc-blinds-measure-bead-depth

Child Safety Information

You may be aware that there have actually been a number of extremely unfortunate cases of children or animals perishing mistakenly because they’ve been suffocated by the inner or outer cords of a blind. You may be unaware of the legislation that was passed in February 2014 to attempt and avoid these unnecessary deaths.

It’s the Law

It’s now prohibited to install a home window blind which doesn’t adhere to the brand-new child safety requirements. Blinds must be fully compliant with BS EN 13120:2009+A1:2014 and validated as ‘safe’, and this is typical of blinds in all rooms in every house, regardless of whether youngsters are present or otherwise.

Why is this essential?

Toddlers matured 16-36 months are specifically in danger of strangulation. They’re mobile, but their muscle control and windpipes aren’t fully established. Because their heads still weigh proportionately greater than their bodies, they cannot release themselves effortlessly if they come to be tangled, and they asphyxiate more quickly compared to adults if their necks are restricted.

The brand-new regulations intends to shield babies and kids by making certain that child-safe blinds are set up in all houses now and in the future, no matter the existence or absence of kids.

Exactly what do Cheapest Blinds & Interiors have to do?

We need to fit safety devices on cables and chains when they’re made, and test all the safety-critical elements carefully. There are now limits on cable and chain lengths. We need to provide security equipment for you to fit for protecting against dangerous loops being made on cables and chains, and make certain all product guidelines come with security cautions.

Exactly what do I need to do?

When you purchase a blind, follow the instructions very carefully and make sure you match the safety and security tool supplied if it’s required (for a corded blind). Several blinds we sell are now cordless, so you won’t have to fit a safety device, but if you ‘d like to convert an existing blind, spring conversion kits are available to buy for most of our ready-made roller blinds.

Alternatively, you can fit a P-clip to an alreadying existing blind to hold the cord taut and tidy, and away from little hands. We’re now giving these away free of charge for all our existing customers, please get in touch if you need some.

Where can I find out more?

Please visit the British Blinds & Shutters Association or visit the Make It Safe website.

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