Double Roller Blind Indigo Blue & Grey

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Double Roller Blinds Indigo & GreyDouble Roller Blind Indigo & Grey Motorised

Modern and minimal, these contemporary double roller blinds are simply genius.

As well as satisfying current interior design trends they are also exquisitely versatile, providing filtered and blackout light management in one blind! The super innovative design and finest up to date materials ensure exceptional efficiency and energy control too.

Can’t choose between sheer, light filtering or blackout blinds? Look no further, these blinds are exactly what you have been looking for!

Passionate about mod cons? Lusting after a minimalist, designer  interior?

We can manufacture your new blind with motors! Ditch the chain roller mechanism and operate your double roller blind from anywhere in the room. Go on, impress your family and friends with your beautiful, state of the art double roller blinds!


Chain Upgrades:

Steel Chain + £3

Brass Chain + £6


Motorisation Upgrades:

Louvolite One Touch

Add 2 Motors + £120

Add 2 Motors, Remote Control & Charger + £145


Buy 3 or more for FREE delivery



Double Roller Blinds Indigo Blue & Grey Double Roller Blind Indigo & Grey Motorised

Blind Specification

Consisting of a blackout fabric reverse rolled and a voile/ sheer fabric standard roll in the same bracket.

Supplied with a PVC sewn-in bottom bar. Manufactured on 32mm tube as standard until maximum weight is reached, after which 40mm tube is used. 

Supplied with plastic control chain and mechanism in white as standard.

Composition: Blackout: 100% Polyester. Voile: 100% Polyester    Opacity: Blackout



Louvolite One Touch makes luxury affordable with motorisation that is accessible to all. Make an impression with stunning window blinds that can be operated at the touch of a button. Simple, convenient and easy to use, Louvolite One Touch blinds are operated by remote control that allows you to raise or lower one or a number of blinds at a time (five in total), depending on your requirements. The rechargeable battery powered motors remove the need for mains wiring, making them easy to install and without disruption to your home decoration. There is no better way to make a contemporary style statement in your home. 

Each double roller blind has two motors.

When fitted with motors these blinds are child safe due to the elimination of operating chain. 

Available Widths: 20cm to 250cm          Available Drops:  30cm to 250cm  



A p-clip is supplied with every chain, this is to tension the chain loop. THIS MUST BE FITTED.

Chain loops: if no installation height is provided we manufacture a continuous chain loop as per below:

Drop of blind below 49cm = 25cm chain           Drop of blind 50cm – 74cm = 50cm chain

Drop of blind 75cm – 109cm = 75cm chain       Drop of blind 110cm or above = 100cm chain




As featured in…


Blind Measuring Guide

Measuring your windows is not a difficult task. Follow the instructions to ensure a good fit for your blinds. Please measure in cm. Before you start to measure you must first decide whether you would like your blind to hang inside or outside the window recess.


Inside window recess

measuring blinds inside recessmeasuring for blinds fitted inside the recess

How to Measure:

  1. Measure the width in 3 different positions inside the window recess from wall to wall. Measure at the top, the middle and the bottom. The most important measurement to write down is the Smallest one.
  2. Measure the Drop (height) in 3 different positions inside the recess from the top of the recess to the window sill. The most important measurement to write down is the Largest one.
  3. Now key these values in the measurements section when ordering blinds from Cheapest Blinds & Interiors.



Outside window recess

measuring blinds outside recessmeasuring for blinds fitted outside the recess

How to Measure

  1. Measure the width of your window then add at least 7.5cm to allow for overlap.
  2. Measure the drop (height) of your window and add at least 7.5cm to allow for overlap.
  3. Remember to enter your sizes as Exact size when ordering for outside recess this will mean the blind will be made to your precise measurements.



Measuring an angled bay window

Please download and follow these instructions:
Angled Bay Window Blind Measuring Instructions




Day & Night Blinds Top Fixing Instructions:

Day&Night Blinds Top Fixing Instructions

Day & Night Blinds Face Fixing Instructions:

Day&Night Blinds Face Fixing Instructions

Child Safety Information

You may be aware that there have actually been a number of extremely unfortunate cases of children or animals perishing mistakenly because they’ve been suffocated by the inner or outer cords of a blind. You may be unaware of the legislation that was passed in February 2014 to attempt and avoid these unnecessary deaths.

It’s the Law

It’s now prohibited to install a home window blind which doesn’t adhere to the brand-new child safety requirements. Blinds must be fully compliant with BS EN 13120:2009+A1:2014 and validated as ‘safe’, and this is typical of blinds in all rooms in every house, regardless of whether youngsters are present or otherwise.

Why is this essential?

Toddlers matured 16-36 months are specifically in danger of strangulation. They’re mobile, but their muscle control and windpipes aren’t fully established. Because their heads still weigh proportionately greater than their bodies, they cannot release themselves effortlessly if they come to be tangled, and they asphyxiate more quickly compared to adults if their necks are restricted.

The brand-new regulations intends to shield babies and kids by making certain that child-safe blinds are set up in all houses now and in the future, no matter the existence or absence of kids.

Exactly what do Cheapest Blinds & Interiors have to do?

We need to fit safety devices on cables and chains when they’re made, and test all the safety-critical elements carefully. There are now limits on cable and chain lengths. We need to provide security equipment for you to fit for protecting against dangerous loops being made on cables and chains, and make certain all product guidelines come with security cautions.

Exactly what do I need to do?

When you purchase a blind, follow the instructions very carefully and make sure you match the safety and security tool supplied if it’s required (for a corded blind). Several blinds we sell are now cordless, so you won’t have to fit a safety device, but if you ‘d like to convert an existing blind, spring conversion kits are available to buy for most of our ready-made roller blinds.

Alternatively, you can fit a P-clip to an alreadying existing blind to hold the cord taut and tidy, and away from little hands. We’re now giving these away free of charge for all our existing customers, please get in touch if you need some.

Where can I find out more?

Please visit the British Blinds & Shutters Association or visit the Make It Safe website.

make it safe organisation logo         British Blinds & Shutters Association Logo